Leaders are often examples to many. They have influence and thus an impact on the people around them.
One of the best ways for a leader to express their Leadership is to let themselves be heard and share their vision.

There are many ways to share you leaders vision. Blogging is one way to share, Podcasts, videos, writing a book and more. In this blog though I would like to have a better look at the method of Public Speaking.

Public Speaking is not that easy for everyone. It is not said that when you are a Leader, you are good at public speaking automatically. As a Leader it is important to know your strengths and your weaknesses and work on getting a balance between the two.

In my vision of Sexy Leadership I state that it is preferred to improve your strengths in order to gain more confidence and from there your weaknesses will also become better.

I still agree with my opinion on that one, but must say that there is nothing more disturbing to me than a horrible public speaking Leader on a podium. Even though I know that is says absolutely nothing about their quality as a Leader. It comes across as incapable when someone is bumbling on a stage in front of a critical audience. The message that is told often goes lost if this is the case. And as I said, even though the content might be great, interesting and important, the way it is presented had a huge influence on how it impacts the people.

The 5 Steps to become Sexy & Successful, as described in my book, Sexy Leadership, 5 steps to become Sexy & Successful, are Know your Smart, Know your Strengths, Know your Self Worth, Know your Sexy-ness and Know your Sales. The 4th and 5th step is what I am addressing here in this blog.

Sexy-ness and Sales have everything to do with how you as a Leader, present yourself, how you get people to really listen to what you have to say and to bring you message across in such a way that you reach the impact that you want.

Andy Harrington is an expert in Public Speaking. His knowledge made a great impact on me and by implementing just a fraction of it, my public speaking skills improved rapidly. I am on a mission to spread my vision of Sexy Leadership to the world. And Andy’s tips and tricks are very helping with doing so.

Are you a leader with a vision and mission? Is your goal to have a huge impact in the world and are you in need of improving your public speaking skills? Have a look at Andy’s tips and work on this weakness.


Leaders let your voice be heard and make sure the way you make yourself heard creates the impact you are after.

Ruth Sinkeler is expert in Sexy Leadership & UBUNTU Leadership at CLIPcoaching. Author of the book “Sexy Leadership”; 5 steps to become Sexy & Successful. She works with Entrepreneurs and organizations and guides them through their change process. More about Ruth on www.clipcoaching.nl and www.sexyleadership.eu