CLIP Training & Consultancy NV is full service consultancy bureau op het gebied van human capital development & management, dat werkt aan het creëren van een kweekvijver van toptalent met internationale werkethiek in Suriname tbv het bouwen van een kenniseconomie.

Recruitment Events

“We bring together the right candidates with the right employers. Recruiting is a time-consuming process. During our recruitment events, candidates have the opportunity to personally meet their potential future employers, which facilitates faster matches.

Event announcement:

We are organizing our first Recruitment event on October 21st 2023.

During this event, we can accommodate 50 companies and four times as many candidates. Our skilled Masters of Ceremony will guide you through all the steps of our unique recruitment process during this interactive event. Imagine leaving with a top candidate for your vacancy in your company by the end of the day.

Meet talented Surinamese professionals in person. Connect with candidates outside your network. Employer branding is becoming increasingly important. Showcase your company on our stage. Why should a candidate choose your organization?

As you can see, this is the Recruitment Event of the year. You don’t want to miss it.

More information will follow soon. By filling out our client registration form, you can already express your interest. You will be the first to receive our registration letter and information about the available packages.”

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