CLIP Training & Consultancy NV is full service consultancy bureau op het gebied van human capital development & management, dat werkt aan het creëren van een kweekvijver van toptalent met internationale werkethiek in Suriname tbv het bouwen van een kenniseconomie.

Business Consultancy, Coaching & Training

CLIP Training and Consultancy offers a wide range of training programs regarding  leadership, communication, and management. We develop customized training programs for various companies and their teams. Each training program is tailored to the specific needs of the client and participants, making our training programs fitting, unique, and effective.

If you require consultancy services in the areas of process optimization, maximizing the potential of your Human Capital, and improving your management practices, we are more than happy to develop a customized consultancy trajectory for you, where necessary with top consultants from our national and international network.

For tailored training programs or team building for your (management) team, please send an email to

You can also reach out to Ruth Sinkeler for business consultancy services.

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